Saturday, August 4, 2012

Honda Civic Headlights: To LED or not to LED

Howdy guys? It’s been quite some time since I have been able to post anything here. Well, I was kinda busy recently with a new project but it’s all good now. So what topic should we discuss? Well I was thinking of installing a new headlight for Honda Civic. And I was thinking of installing LED for my headlights. Well not just because I read that it is possible in one of the forums I am a member with but also because I saw someone driving with LED on his headlight and it was cool. But I am having second thoughts cause I am not sure if it is legal to drive one in our place. And I read it online that there are states that it is not ‘street’ legal to drive with such lights. But I guess that would make it my homework to see if my state allows it before I actually install one.

I guess the only thing I could do now is to ask you guys, for those who tried installing LED on their headlights and fog lights, is what brand would be the best LED headlights to buy on the market? And kindly include the price of the said brand and the place where I could get a quote. Actually I already saw one: not sure if this is the best deal yet so I’ll be waiting for your responses guys. Thanks.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Febi: Quality Brand or Not?

Good day guys. So before the week ends, I would post a sort off brand review for parts. If you have read my previous post, it’s about OES Genuine. And I thought it would be good to have some review about brands out there. Febi comes to mind. I encounter brands from forums that I’m a member with and see to it if they offer great quality and if it is reliable. No one would want to spend their money but just to get a low quality product right.

Febi Bilstein, its complete brand name, is a German company. They are known for providing commercial car spare parts in almost 69 countries, now imagine that. Febi was founded on 1844 so they have been around for a long time now so I guess their quality service, innovation and reliability is being molded into much better cause. They produce parts like cabin filters, brake cylinder and rotors, control arms, exhaust hangars, motor mount, oil pan, tie rod end, axle hub assembly and many more. And if I am not mistaken, their best product is their suspension. They have a known reputation for providing durable suspension for all type of vehicles out there.

Now this may just give a short summary for what Febi is, but I’m sure reviews online could support it being  a great spare parts company. Have a good day ahead.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What does OES Genuine means?

Back to my habit again so I was browsing the web for new and interesting stuff and I was in this forum when I keep encountering this word “OES”. So before searching the web for its meaning, I tried to guess it from the context from that forum. So this was what I thought, Only Existing System, Original Equipment for Subaru or Saab or Saturn or Scion or Suzuki (basically anything make that starts with the letter‘s’ lol), then Online Equipment Seller. Unfortunately all of them sound ridiculous and none of those guesses are right, would you imagine that lol.

So what is OES Genuine? As easy as it can be, I never guessed it right; it stands for Original Equipment Supplier. It’s a bit the same with aftermarket parts. Basically it is/are part/s that is supplied by the actual vehicle manufacturer. But don’t be mistaken, most major car makers do not produce their own parts; they look for other companies that would do it for them. These OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or OES companies produce the said parts that are recognized with the original vehicle maker’s logos and part numbers.

So that’s it. When you see an auto part that has OES in it, most likely that comes the vehicle manufacturer and is a genuine product so don’t worry about the quality. Ciao.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Short Brand Review: FEBI

What up guys? How have you been? I’m fine, thank you for asking. Well recently I have been browsing the internet to look for something to review and put here in my blog. And one brand came to mind, Febi. Have you heard about this auto part brand? If not, they manufacture and market parts like tie rod ends, control arm, brake calipers, body lift kits, shock absorbers and many more. But one question rises, is this brand a dependable trademark? Besides from being known to some dealers and auto shops alike, do their products stand out as one of the best in the automobile industry?

To be honest, I have not tried using this brand so this short review would be based on what I heard and read online. With the price that they offer, consumers somehow think of buying the part that is made from them. Well their price maybe a bit higher than other aftermarket car parts but consumers still buy their products since it is said that it is indeed durable and reliable. And owners and drivers like to go to German origins since they really offer good quality parts. But you may find this ironic since Febi produces quality parts, consumers seem to pick them last from other auto parts manufacturer. Maybe it would concern the prices that other brands have to give.

All of these maybe a theory since I haven’t really tried Febi and there is only way to check, try one now. Have a good day everyone.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Window Regulator Repair Cost

So how much would one pay to fix his car window? Replacing window components aren’t that much. But of course, you need to check first what the real problem is or what part of your window is defective. It may be the switch, window regulator, the rotor or the cable. In this article, we’ll discuss about the average cost of fixing a car window regulator. To distinguish it, one must first know if he has an automatic window regulator or the mechanical type.

For mechanical window regulator, one needs to manually turn a small knob to raise or lower the window. And since it does not require any electrical component or power to function, repairing is not costly. And if one knows how to remove the door in order to access and replace the window regulatorparts, the more one can save. But if not, you may need someone experienced to do it for you.

While the automatic window regulator utilizes an electrical mechanism to make use of the window that is operated by a switch. Since this type of regulator is functioned electrically, it may cost more than the replacement of mechanical window regulator. One will still need to take the door out and replace the whole component. But one should be careful in replacing it, the cable and wiring may gone bad if done wrong. So it is advised to allow mechanics to do this replacement. A wild estimate would be between $500-$1000.